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Portfolio / Indiana Tech's - 2014 President's Report

The President's Report is an annual publication sent to donors to thank them for their generosity, show them what their donations have accomplished, and to encourage them to continue supporting the school.

The theme of the 2014 report, Gifts In Action, focused on how donations have helped create a modern, multi-faceted academic center, scholarships and programming that will enhance the career-focused education available at Indiana Tech.

I was engaged by Indiana Tech's internal marketing team to art direct and design the 2014 report, as well as the custom envelope in which it would be sent. My assignment also included estimating and overseeing the print production.


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Production Management


Photography of the Indiana Tech campus you see in these images is by BFA Commercial Photography.

12-column grid

I use a 12-column grid a lot because it provides a ton of organized flexibility. The page can be divided into halves, thirds, quarters and sixths, and various other combinations.

Infographics tip-out

This infographic about the university's annual fund is an important part of the Gifts In Action theme. Generally, it's easier to raise money for high profile bricks-and-mortar projects because a donor can see where his or her money will go. Annual fund donations are used in more general ways that, frankly, aren't always as exciting to talk about. So this lively graphic that folds out from the center spread was designed to show gifts to the annual fund in action.

Envelopes and mailing labels

A metallic envelope and colorful label helped build excitement for what's inside. Every element of the label was carefully designed — even the font used for the names, addresses and postage indicias. No part of the package feels generic.

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