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Downtown South Bend is a lively area filled with good restaurants, shops and attractions. And it's just a stone's throw from The University of Notre Dame.

Downtown South Bend, Inc. — the agency tasked with unifying and marketing the downtown area — wanted a map to help advertise and drive more traffic to downtown businesses and attractions. The map needed to have a cool-factor that made people want to use it and, at the same time, encourage them to explore more of what downtown has to offer. Importantly, the map also needed to be good enough that businesses would see a clear value in paying to be listed in the map directory.

DKLLC's solution was an illustrated map that captured the energy and cultural treasures of the downtown area. Buildings were hand drawn for an artsy feel, yet realistic details and spatial relationships were included so a person on foot can use the map to navigate the area and identify key landmarks. The finished map is a back-pocket-friendly "walking map" that's helping visitors and residents experience more of what Downtown South Bend has to offer.


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