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Bona Vita Architecture creates places and spaces that help people become smarter, healthier and happier. They're a streamlined team of experienced architects and designers who want people to live better lives, and that’s why they call themselves Bona Vita — it’s Latin for “the Good Life.”

Bona Vita was founded by a few friends and colleagues who worked together in a large, corporate architecture firm. They decided to open their own boutique firm with a focus on community-focused projects (e.g. YMCAs) and healthcare (e.g. hospitals, clinics). The team asked me to help them find the right words to define their brand, and that rolled into a full identity design project as well.

This lively group is all smiles — and we had fun from the word go. And we came to realize that "fun" was an integral big part of the firm's workflow. They truly want the time a client spends with them to be some of the best hours of the day. It turns out that this personable and friendly approach to working with clients was a powerful differentiator, and client after client could testify to the Bona Vita team's lively and engaging process. But it's about more than simply having a good time, this philosophy translates to the bottom line: if clients enjoy the process of designing their building, it's more likely they'll enjoy living and working in it, too.


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Graphic Design
Branding Consultation
Copy Writing
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Interior and exterior photography of Bona Vita staff by The Colagrossis.

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