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July 27
2015 Le Tour's Best Jerseys

The 2015 Le Tour de France is done and Froome took the yellow jersey; my three-week stint as a sports guy is done. Now let's take a step back and talk design — of the jerseys.

July 17
Watching Le Tour

I’m not a sports guy and I've never been. For the bulk of my life, I have never understood the draw to sit and watch a game on TV, follow the statistics of the players, nor keep my eyes glued to the screen for the next bit of action. But, once a year, a switch inside me flips on for three weeks and I totally, absolutely get it.

April 27
Designing Reusser — finding modern inspiration in the 1600s

In April of 2013, Nate Reusser asked me to develop a new logo for his web design firm. Reusser Design was passing the 15-year milestone and needed a fresh look to match the ways the company was growing and evolving.

March 22
Designing for Highmark at ExhibitorLIVE! 2015

Every year in March, all the companies that design and build exhibits for trade shows get together in Vegas and have a big trade show of their own. It's called ExhibitorLIVE. I helped Highmark TechSystems design their exhibit for this year's show.

February 23
The 07 Cookery

In mid-2014, I had the opportunity to cook up some branding for a new commercial kitchen being built just south of downtown Fort Wayne. Sadly, the business never materialized. But before it dissolved, I developed some branding ideas I thought were worth sharing.


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