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The 07 Cookery

February 23 2015

I recently had the opportunity to work on the branding for an exciting new commercial kitchen — the first of its kind — here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Unfortunately, the business never materialized. Before it fizzled out, however, I developed a few logo ideas I thought were worth sharing. Here's the scoop.

The city of Fort Wayne has a burgeoning foodie culture that’s growing each year. Food trucks, bakeries, restaurants, breweries and gastropubs are finding a real market here. This movement has captured the aspirations of many talented food entrepreneurs in the city, and now they need some place to cook. But selling baked goods or catering for a living is easier said than done. These enterprises would require a certified commercial kitchen, which is expensive to set up and maintain. Therefore, most cooks need to rent space in a commercial kitchen, especially in the start-up phase of their businesses.

The 07 Cookery was to be a commercial kitchen to serve the needs of professional bakers and cooks. It would feature multiple cooking spaces that could accommodate numerous customers at a time. (There's nothing else like this in the city right now.) The equipment would be top notch, the environment would feel authentic and artsy (not like an institutional, cafeteria kitchen), and the rates would be ideal for small business owners.

Below are three concepts I developed for the branding; each features a clean typographic style with a mid-century color scheme. For some of the concepts, limited use of icons hinted at the commercial grade experience available at The 07 Cookery. The "07" in the name comes from the owners' pride in the 46807 ZIP code — an older locale on the south end of town that’s re-emerging as a hip neighborhood for arts, culture and related start-ups.

Concept No. 1

Concept No. 2

Concept No. 3

Reduce Heat & Simmer

It’s too bad this project didn’t pan out. I would have loved to see these ideas through to completion. Even more, I would have loved to see what catalyst this commercial kitchen could have provided for other entrepreneurs in the city.

To my knowledge, the build-out on the 07 Cookery was partially completed, so perhaps the apron will be passed on to a new owner. For now, this commercial kitchen will have to sit on Fort Wayne's back burner.

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